Climate Change – Advocacy Team

Climate Change – Advocacy Team

We organize the members, friends, and youth of the congregation to advocate with governmental and business leaders for local, state, national, and international legislation and programs relating to climate change through UU associational partnerships (the UU Service Committee, UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland, UUs for Social Justice, UU UN Office) as well as other non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups.



Please help support HR1/S1!  The fight for HR1/S1 (and HR4) has outsized implications for every social justice issue, including climate change, racial justice, health care, immigration, police reform, tax reform and economic justice.  If we cannot pass the popular pro-democracy HR1/S1 and HR4 bills, there is near zero chance that we can pass any other social justice bills!  Even if we did, if we don’t stop voter suppression and gerrymandering via HR1/S1 and HR4, any progress could be reversed in the next Congress.  Read More


  • UUCC is a co-sponsor of the Earth Forum in Howard County, and Mary Rogers is our congregation’s liaison to it.
  • The UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland (UULM-MD – ) is a member of the Maryland Climate Coalition  working  to influence the Maryland Legislature on climate related issues. UUCC Member, Phil Webster, is the UULM-MD task lead on climate.

Contact: Albert Holm

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