Climate Change – Analysis Team

Climate Change – Analysis Team

Analysis Team

Research the complex issues of climate change and inform the members, friends, youth, congregational officers, and officers and management of the Owen Brown Interfaith Center of the best possible, satisfactory, and sufficient ways and means to mitigate the effects of climate change.


The Analytics Sub-Team has been investigating two areas. The first is to locate data to help the three other sub-teams (and congregation) evaluate and select projects which will have higher impact on reducing greenhouse gases (GHG).  Of particular interest has been the EPA website ( and the book DrawDown ( Drawdown maps, measures, models, and describes the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming (and is available in the UUCC bookstore).

Here is a link to the first draft of the UUCC Climate Change:  Impact Analysis.

Here is a link to the UUCC Top 10 Footnotes background information.

The second has been to investigate various “Carbon Footprint” tools which UUCC Members could use to estimate their personal contribution to greenhouse gases (GHG). More information about Carbon Footprint Calculators is here. The average US carbon footprint is 18T (tons of GHG emissions per year).  The world target is 2T.  Unfortunately, the Howard County average is probably even higher!  There is a lot of “opportunity” for all of us.

See UUCC Top 10 Footnotes link for more information.

Contact: Ken Crandell

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