Climate Crisis 2020 Projects

Climate Crisis 2020 Projects

We held our first UUCC Climate Crisis “Annual Meeting” on   November 17, 2019.
Over 80 members and friends of UUCC participated.

We solicited proposals for which topics we should work on for 2020, and voted on them at the meeting.  The following topics were selected, have leaders and are active, but some do not yet have their own Project UUCC web pages.  If are interested in working on one of these projects, please contact the UUCC Climate Crisis (2U4C) Steering Committee at


Transportation (now included with Legislative/Advocacy team)

Land Use (See Climate Forum March 1: Regenerative Landscaping)

Green Sanctuary (See Climate Forum April 5)


Women & Girls

Youth (Collaborating with multiple Projects)


            Renewable Energy

             Plant Rich Diet

            Food Waste  (See also February Climate Form)

            Invest Green/Carbon Offsets

            Drawdown Workshops