Environmental and Climate Justice

Environmental and Climate Justice

Environmental and Climate Justice at UUCC

Environmental and Climate Justice is both a prime motivator of, and a key goal for, the UUCC Climate Crisis team and our projects.  Environmental and Climate Justice focuses on the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people, especially those on the margins, in environment and climate issues.

Not surprisingly, the climate crisis disproportionately adversely affects the poor and the less powerful.  Because of this, fighting against climate change is in and of itself a social justice and environmental justice cause.

The UUCC Climate Crisis team has targeted projects to support people who are being disproportionately affected by the climate crisis.  We have active Climate Crisis projects for Women & Girls, Youth and in legislative Advocacy.   UUCC is also very active in Racial Justice issues. In 2022, the UUCC Climate Crisis Team will focus the first half of 2022 on Climate Justice and those affected, and the second half on the causes. Read More.  Questions? New to this group? If you have interest, ideas, or questions, or want to join the Planning Team, please email climateaction@uucolumbia.net.

Collaboration with Freetown Farm

UUCC is an active supporter of Freetown Farm in Columbia, Maryland.   See NBC Today Show video

Green Sanctuary

UUCC has also formed a team to become a UUA accredited Green Sanctuary.

Racial Justice is Climate Justice

Please watch this NAACP video about the intersectionality of racial and climate justice, and consider signing the associated petition.

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