Women and Girls Advocacy

Women and Girls Advocacy


Our Mission

The Women and Girl’s Advocacy team of the UUCC Climate Crisis Committee works to reduce the effects of climate change by promoting justice for women and girls through policy, actions and direct aid.

Changing policy and supporting organizations dealing with women and girls’ issues can have a profound effect on reducing greenhouse gases that threaten our planet.

To learn more about the connection between justice and equity for women and girls and climate change read or listen to Women and Girls’ Issues Key to Reversing Climate Change, a Reflection by Phyllis Yigdall presented at the Climate Change as a Social Justice Issue Service. March 8, 2020.   Link to audio: Reflection for the Climate Change as a Social Justice Issue Service, March 8, 2020. Move the audio progress bar to 32:38 to begin.

Did You Know?

Child marriage is still legal in Maryland? In fact, it’s legal in 44 states. Learn more on our Advocacy page.

Volunteer Opportunities and Organizations to Support

These are just a few of the local, national and international organizations dedicated to educating women and girls and protecting their health and well-being.

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Join Us

Interested in helping make the world a better place for women and girls? Concerned about the climate crisis? For more information — whether you want to help plan or work on projects, or just to stay informed — Contact Gail Holm gailholm@gmail.com.