Who exactly is the UUCC Climate Dream Team?

Who exactly is the UUCC Climate Dream Team?

The members of the UUCC Climate Crisis Team (aka 2U4C) were very gratified to receive the “UUCC Dream Team” award at UUCC’s 2023 Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 4.

While some of us were in the room to take the stage, we would like to recognize ALL the members of this great team: Dina Boogaard, Chris & Ken Crandell, Ed Gaddy, Frank Hazzard, Robin Hessey, Gail & Al Holm, Mary Rodgers, Ann Smith-Reiser, Trish Steinhilber, Lindsay Thompson, Phil Webster, and Ann Wing.

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  1. Ken Crandell

    I’d like to add that in addition to the “2U4C” Climate Steering committee members listed above, that the “Dream Team” includes EVERYONE who participated in any climate activities. THANK YOU!

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