Climate meeting results!

Climate meeting results!

Climate meeting results!  Eighty (80!) concerned UUCC members and friends attended our first Climate “Annual Meeting” on November 17, and voted to launch and participate in these 9 climate-related projects for 2020:

Youth                                                                                    Plastic

Regenerative Landscape                                               Green Sanctuary

Transportation                                                                  Reduce Food Waste

Women & Girls                                                                  Advocacy & Legislative

Drawdown 5-Session

If you were not able to attend, that’s OK.  You can “vote” to let us know which project(s) you would like to work on, by sending an email to with your preferences.  Our goals are to:

–          Make as much impact on reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) as possible, AND

–          Make our projects as accessible to members of UUCC as possible, so we get wide participation.

So far, the projects are only defined at a high level.  There is ample opportunity for you to bring YOUR ideas and energy for how we proceed.  If you want to know more about the topics, stop by the Climate table at coffee hour or ask someone with a GREEN STAR on their name tag.  We will also post the pdf slides of the presentations on our website soon.

If you are on the fence about whether to join our fight to reduce GHG and help save the planet, please watch this brief 3-minute video on Youtube.  It’s funny, entertaining and insightful about the importance of leading and following.  Our planet needs you!


Ken Crandell, for UUCC Climate Crisis (2U4C) team

PS:  Our Climate Forum series will be the first Sunday of each month, starting December 1 with Invest Green / Offset Carbon Forum  .


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