Climate Service & Climate Fair Next Steps

Climate Service & Climate Fair Next Steps

Thanks to everyone who attended the Climate Service and Fair on Sunday, November 13, with special thanks to those who submitted questions to be answered during service. All questions and answers will be available 👉 HERE 👈 in the next couple days (whether or not they were addressed on Sunday).

For the question “What is the ONE most important action I can take?” — we recognize that it is not one size fits all.  We hope you were able to visit the various tables (or our climate webpage) and find an action that best suits your situation.  The “best” actions are one(s) you will actually take! For instance, we had 17 people express interest in switching to Community Solar!

Here are contacts and links for each of the teams:

Finally, we’d like feedback about the Service and Fair, more climate questions, or ideas for possible 2023 actions. Email with your suggestions.

Together, we ARE making a difference.  THANK YOU!


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