Climate tip of the Week

Climate tip of the Week

Make a new year’s resolution now: move your home electricity off of fossil fuels. This will save you money, significantly lower your greenhouse gas emissions and create less pollution. Right now, Neighborhood Sun, UUCC’s energy partner, has only a few spots in its Whitemarsh community solar farm. You can enroll today (as have about 40 other UUCC families). BG&E and Pepco will still be your energy suppliers. If you prefer, you could sign up for wind energy instead of fossil fuels, or you could combine wind and community solar or even install your own solar panels on your home. The Whitemarsh project is also geared for low and moderate income people so that they can save up to 25% on their electric bills.

Climate tip: switch your electricity from fossil fuels to wind or solar. Renewable energy is one of the major 9 areas UUCC is trying to make a climate change difference.


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