Coming Soon: High School OWL!

Coming Soon: High School OWL!

Dear YRUU families –

We’re pleased to announce that we are going to offer a Pilot program in High School OWL at OBIC on April 20-21! I will have more details including a registration link in the very near future. It is an overnight Friday evening to Saturday evening.

This will NOT cover the entire High School OWL curriculum. (Which is a full curriculum apart from the Junior High curriculum we currently teach in the 8th grade.) Our program – which is co-sponsored by the UU Congregation of Frederick, who will be hosting another High School OWL weekend in the fall of 2018 – is based on a program used by a number of Canadian congregations. The idea is if a youth goes to several of these weekends throughout their high school career, they will eventually get each part of the curriculum. It is a fun, intense, joyous bonding experience that still doesn’t require the time commitment of every-Sunday-evening-all-year that we ask in 8th grade. AND it gives our high school students more knowledge before they head off to college.

We will need overnight chaperones and help with meals. We are inviting youth from area congregations (in addition to UUCC and UU Frederick of course!) so UUCC doesn’t have to cover every volunteer slot. But your help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Again, there will be a registration link with more program details very soon. There will be a mandatory parent orientation session the weekend before. We hope you will consider signing up your student for this important curriculum event!

For more information please contact Jen or Robin directly!


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