Last Sunday for Community Solar at Coffee Hour

Last Sunday for Community Solar at Coffee Hour

UUCC’s Climate Team has designated October as renewable energy month at UUCC.

We would like invite everyone possible to sign up for some kind of renewable energy — particularly solar or wind. UUCC has partnered with a community solar firm, Neighborhood Sun, so that you can get your solar power from solar “farms” — no need to install any panels on your house. You will save 10% off your electricity bill, earn UUCC a $100 donation, and save many tons of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere.

Anyone with an electric bill can do this fairly easily. UUCC member Robin Hessey (and maybe others) will be at coffee hour this Sunday, October 29, with a laptop to help you enroll. Bring your electric bill, credit or bank information (and personal device if convenient), and we’ll get the job done together.


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