Compass Points Taking It Home Oct 11th

Compass Points Taking It Home Oct 11th

Most of your middle schoolers came Sunday morning instead of the regular evening class, to administer the congregational poll. I heard lots of great comments and discussions each time I checked on the class! I hope your children enjoyed the morning activity!

Here are the questions they used for the poll. Have a family discussion to see which ones each person in your family would choose!

Please choose up to three statements with which you most strongly agree.

  1. There are probably as many ideas about God as there are people.
  2. God cares for us and listens to our prayers.
  3. God and the Universe are the same-God is in everything and everyone.
  4. There’s no way we can know whether or not there is a God.
  5. God created the universe and then left it to run itself.
  6. There’s no such thing as God.
  7. The word ‘God’ is meaningless.
  8. God is my conscience calling me to make the world a better place.
  9. God is present in the relationships among people.
  10. Creation is on-going, and we are co-creators with God.
  11. There’s a spark of divinity in each of us.
  12. We can use science and reason to understand our Universe.
  13. I find God in nature.
  14. God is like a loving mother who sustains us and all life.
  15. My beliefs about Jesus make me feel closer to God.
  16. The Bible is an historically accurate account of past events.
  17. There are multiple Gods.

This Sunday, the class will decide how they’ll present their findings to the congregation!


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