Consider bringing flowers on a Sunday! 💐

Consider bringing flowers on a Sunday! 💐

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for UUCC but you just don’t have the time or bandwidth or ability to donate your time or talents? 💮 Consider signing up to donate flowers! We use flowers on Sundays to decorate the chancel (the area where Paige and other speakers stand) and if we have extra, we put them on the Joys and Sorrows table. They add some pizzaz and personality to one of the most visible parts of our congregation! 🌼

How to sign up:

🌻You can sign up by going to the Volunteer webpage and clicking the button that says “Click here to sign up” then write your name into the “Flowers” spot on the sign up form. There are also instructions on that same webpage.

The job is simple:
  • 🪷 On a Sunday you plan on attending (or not: its your choice) pop over to a grocery store and pick up a bouquet of flowers*.
  • 🌺 Bring them to OBIC around 9:40 am
  • 🏵️ if necessary, grab a vase from the kitchen and add some water
  • 🌸 then set them up on chancel.
  • 🌹 Finally, sit back during service and enjoy seeing your flowers proudly on display for everyone to admire.

Of course, you can adjust how you obtain the flowers and any other details as you would like! The best part is, this is not a competition and all flowers are beautiful! 🪻

*Some people gather wild flowers🌷 from around their yard, or bring two bouquets (one for the chancel and the other for the Joys and Sorrows table), or rebel🪴and bring greenery rather than flowers, or whatever combination you find easiest and most accessible for you.  The goal is solely to liven up the chancel with some (more) beauty!

joys and sorrows

Click here to sign up! Or email Hannah Nelson if you have questions!


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