Consider going solar with Community Solar!

Consider going solar with Community Solar!

Once again we are encouraging folks to consider community solar. If you are low or moderate income you can save 25% off of BGE prices for electricity.   (I’m talking community solar here – like solar farms, not solar panels on your home). People in other income brackets can save 10%.

Now, more than ever, folks are looking to:

  1. Save money
  2. Do the right thing for the environment and those effected by pollution
  3. Lower their reliance of fossil fuels

If you are low or moderate income (LMI or SHARE), you can save 25% off of BG&E rates by switching to Neighborhood Sun’s community solar program. They have intentionally saved sections of their community solar farms specifically for folks with lower incomes.

Sign up and more information on qualifying incomes:

Folks in our congregation in all income brackets have worked with Neighborhood Sun and have been happy. It does take a while, however, from the time you sign up until the time the solar farm actually starts producing energy. The solar farm at Henryton, however, is close to being sold out, so your wait time will be a lot shorter. So sign up NOW.

  1. You’ll save the 25%
  2. You’ll be greatly reducing your use of fossil fuels which will benefit everyone
  3. You’ll be supporting locally produced energy and local jobs.
  4. UUCC will receive a $75 donation from Neighborhood Sun

Other folks can sign up now as well – for a new solar farm in Glen Burnie. You’ll save at least 10% off of BGE prices. Click here to sign up:

UUCC climate page information on Neighborhood Sun:

It would be great if everyone at UUCC (and everyone else!) would use electricity from sustainable sources. You can do this!


For more information, or to talk to a real person, you can contact Robin Hessey (UUCC member) at


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