Three Ways You Can Support the Pledge Team

Three Ways You Can Support the Pledge Team

Do you benefit from the UUCC community? 

Inspired?     Challenged to be your best self?     Supported in difficult times?   

Do you identify with UUCC’s outreach efforts?

Social Action – Climate Change – Food Insecurity – Legal Advocacy – Immigration –
Local Community – Warm Welcome Shelter – Cradlerock Children’s Center – Your Issue? 

Have you ever wondered how all this is funded?

The majority of the funding for UUCC comes from the pledges of our UUCC members. Pledges allow the Board to plan activities and staffing, with assurance that the funds will be available when the need arises. 

Are you trying to find your place and contribution at UUCC?

Consider joining the Pledge Team!  
Help the funding effort.  
Join an active team, December through March.
Get to know some of your fellow UUCC members.
Help spread the funding challenge among all of us. 

 There are three ways you can participate:

  • As a co-chair of the Pledge Team—if you have good administrative and organizational skills, we need you! 
  • As a volunteer who makes calls to touch base with members who have not responded to the general pledge call.  This requires a limited amount of your time in the spring. Usually each caller is requested to make 6-10 calls and maybe a few follow-up calls. 
    • Calls are usually “reminders” to busy members who plan to pledge. 
    • Sometimes our calls identify members who need help from the pastoral team, or individuals who just need another person to listen. 
    • Sometimes these calls can identify dissatisfaction, which allows the Board to consider issues of importance. 
    • Our calls are a chance for you to have a conversation with someone you may not know well. 
  • As a volunteer to present a testimonial to the congregation as to what UUCC means to you and why you, and possibly your family, participate and contribute financially. 

If UUCC is a part of your life, please pledge some of your time to support the pledge drive.  

Planning for our 2022-23 Pledge Drive begins in December 2021. The Pledge Drive actually takes place February-March 2022.  For more information, call Jim Reiser at 443-745-5223 or email


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