Tuesdays in February: Howard County Courageous Conversations

Tuesdays in February: Howard County Courageous Conversations

Dear UUCC community,

Registration is now open for the 4th annual series of Howard County Courageous Conversations, which will be held via Zoom on Friday evenings in February. UUCC Members & Friends are encouraged to join with members of other Howard County faith communities to share stories and hear one another’s perspectives about how we are living together through experiences of race and religious bias.  

The purpose of these conversations is not to persuade, debate, or convince one another of different positions, but to make space for each person to be heard and to learn about one another, including areas in which there may be disagreement or different views. Through these conversation circles, participants explore how each person can contribute to creating a connected community of different people rather than a community that lets different people in.

Registration is now open (click on the button below).  Please consider joining in this year… and invite a friend! This is important work to explore for ourselves, our congregation, and our various communities.


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