Culture of Consent Seminar this Saturday

Culture of Consent Seminar this Saturday

Please consider joining me. CB is a good friend of mine, as well as an amazing sexuality educator!
Yours in faith,

This Saturday, December 8, 4 – 6PM at Cedar Lane UU Church; 9601 Cedar Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814

Join us for a special parent and teacher seminar on teaching children about consent and creating a culture of consent in the home with guest speaker, CB (Cindy Beal, M.Div., they/them/theirs).

Lecture Topic: BEYOND NO, GO, TELL

Raising children and youth who understand, articulate, and respect boundaries and consent with CB BEAL, M.DIV. of Justice and Peace Consulting

Parents, caregivers, teachers, peers can all choose to practice consent in a way that deeply embeds the ideas of boundaries, noticing and respecting into our children’s daily lives. CB calls this Preemptive Radical Consent. Whether it’s playing ball, choosing snack, or deciding about a hug, wrestling, or sexual interaction, we can teach children and youth to notice their desires-what they do and do not want-and we can teach them to notice from the words and behaviors of others, what those people’s desires may be or not. And we must model for them how noticing and respecting is experienced like as part of daily life. We do this when we are intentional about when and how we ask children and youth about their bodies, their feelings, what they want and what they do not want, and then respect their answers* we inoculate them. We can teach young people what healthy boundaries are like by commonly respecting theirs, let them experience and expect that their bodies will be respected, and to recognize what it feels like when it’s not, and to know what to do if their boundary is violated. All of this is what teaches children and youth how to know when to say no, when they need to go, and which adults are going to help them when they tell.

When we develop a common language and set of expectations as a community for how healthy boundaries and consent are experienced, we develop herd immunity. We can create a community even beyond our family where children learn to be able to tell what healthy relationships are like, to notice that there are consistent and predictable boundaries and genuine respect for consent among both adults and peers in their lives. And notice when a peer or adult, or even they themselves, are not behaving in a consistent manner with what they know to be healthy. In this workshop parents and other adult caregivers and educators will be given the opportunity to explore a concrete framework of consent in daily family and community life. This workshop will include presentation, video, projected images and music, time for reflection, and small group discussion.

See you there!

*And yes, we will talk about what to do when we can’t give the child a choice–they can’t run in the street, they must see the doctor, etc.


CB is a consent, sexuality, and sexual health educator with extensive experience with children, youth, and adults of all genders, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds.

CB is a trainer and trainer of trainers for the comprehensive sexual health curriculum Our Whole Lives and was certified by Planned Parenthood as a sexuality educator. CB has been an educator at a Unitarian Universalist congregation, an agency partnering to support adults with developmental disabilities, and now works as a full-time private consultant who works with private schools and social service and therapeutic oriented agencies in Massachusetts, congregations around the country, and in many other settings. CB has educated thousands of people through workshops, classes and private consultations.

CB is the founder and director of Justice and Peace Consulting.

Coffee and tea and light snacks (inc. GF and vegan) will be available starting at 3:45 pm, and the workshop will begin promptly at 4 pm.

Accessibility: this workshop will be held in an accessible space. The presenter and comments from the group will be mic’ed. There’s a gender-free restroom adjacent. Please do not wear scents out of respect for others who are allergic.

Childcare will be offered.


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