Death of UUCC Member Jim Lautenberger

Death of UUCC Member Jim Lautenberger

Jim Lautenberger, UUCC community member and dear friend to so many in UUCC’s Flying Solo group, passed into eternity on August 9, 2023 after suffering a massive heart attack 4 days prior. Jim was a rather recent new member in our community after moving here from Frederick a few years ago to buy a home with his partner Jane Joffe.

He jumped right in, becoming active in his new community with a hiking group, the UUCC Lunch Bunch on Sundays after service, and the Flying Solo group. Jim hosted many Flying Solo events at his home.

He is survived by his partner Jane Joffe and his two sons, Losha and Kolya. Condolences may be sent to Jane and his family at: 9531 Angelina Circle, Columbia, MD 21045.


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