Dinner and Drive Time Tips for December 17th

Dinner and Drive Time Tips for December 17th


  • Ask your youth to share their favorite part of the visit. Ask them if anything surprised them about their visit and led to them changing their mind about the religion.


  • Ask your youth to share which of the 8 Practices of Welcoming were hardest them personally.
  • Ask them to share something about the graffiti board. They have been adding to it each week. Ask them how the board has changed? What’s interesting about how it has changed and grown? How does it show that the group’s understanding of the Megachurch Evangelism has evolved?

For You:

  • Talk with your spouse/partner or a friend about how your own view of the Megachurch has evolved over the month as a result of your conversations with your youth.   
  • Consider reaching out to a colleague or co-worker who you know attends an Evangelical megachurch. Let them know about your youth’s study and visit. Engage them in a conversation at any level that feels comfortable for you. Maybe you share what you’ve appreciated as you’ve been learning more about their faith. Maybe ask them what stereotypes about evangelicals concern them and what they wish others understood.

The Eight Practices of Welcoming Difference

1. Be fully present
2. Be curious
3. Be open to being changed
4. Be comfortable with discomfort
5. Be an appreciative listener
6. Be light-hearted
7. Be gentle (allow and heal mistakes)
8. Be yourself


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