Dinner and Drive-time Tips for February 11

Dinner and Drive-time Tips for February 11


  • Ask your youth about the “graffiti board” and what kinds of things the group has listed on it. Ask what their initial understandings of Hinduism are and what they learned through what others wrote/drew on the board. Talk to them about what you know and admire about Hinduism, and how you learned what you know.


  • During our session, we will explore one or two stories about a popular Hindu god, Hanuman, the monkey king. These stories talk about how staying flexible and letting go are two ways we persevere through hard times. Invite your youth to share the stories with you, which they liked and how it made them think of times they used flexibility and letting go to make endure something challenging.

For You:

(be sure to check out the video at end for a great overview)


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