Dinner and Drive Time Tips for January 7th

Dinner and Drive Time Tips for January 7th

We are back in class TONIGHT (January 7th) for World Religions! We are off for MLK weekend, January 14th (please join us in the afternoon for Rise Against Hunger!) We are visiting First Baptist Guilford on Sunday, January 21st at 10:30 am. (sign up to let us know who is attending!) We are back in class for January 28th. Remember to sign up for snacks! See you soon!

Here are your drive and dinner time tips for this week!


Note: We like this except for the older man’s comments at the very end. Either stop it at 8:25 or be prepared to note the inappropriateness of the older man’s sexism. He says “I’m not going to church ever again, not unless there’s a chic involved.”


  • Some additional opportunities for engagement together as a family:
    • Watch the movie 12 Years a Slave, rated R. Note that there are vivid scenes of beating, violence, and an implied rape. Use your own judgement about the appropriateness of the movie for your particular youth.
    • Watch this animated 30 minute short on Harriet Tubman http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0956146/


  • In our centering worship we will talk about how Black Churches embody our monthly theme of
    • We did this by talking about “Hush Harbors” – places in the woods or away from slave owners where enslaved Africans carved out a place of self-determination and self-affirmation. (Learn more here: https://blackmail4u.com/2016/01/25/hush-harbors-the-secret-and-sacred-worship-of-the-enslaved/ & https://skyejethani.com/devotional/hush-harbors/)
    • In our worship, we ask the youth to talk about their own Hush Harbors – their own  “places of escape.” They will be invited to share  what they do or where do they go to escape their burdens, feel freedom and restore their sense of self. Examples: Put on headphones and listen to music, walk the dog, shoot hoops, got to my room, etc. You may want to share your own places of escape.
    • Invite your youth to share talk to you about their “Hush Harbor.” Share yours with them.

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