Dinner and Drive Time Tips for May 13th & May 20th

Dinner and Drive Time Tips for May 13th & May 20th

Dear World Religions Parents,

This Sunday, May 20th, is our last Crossing Paths World Religion class. We have Muslim guests arriving to talk about their religious practices, I hope you will make sure your children attend and welcome our guests. I will be sending out an invitation to visit a mosque in June, after Ramadan ends.

This week, because Ramadan started yesterday, we will not have snack in class. I wonder if you can explore the idea of fasting with your child before class, so they understand why we won’t have snacks. This is one way we can honor and welcome our Muslim friends who will be visiting and fasting for this month.



  • Invite your youth to share some of the Islamic contributions to Western civilization we learned about.  They played a Guessing Game about which contributions were Islamic. We’ve invited them to play it with you. Ask if they brought home the game page and have them lead you through the guessing game.
  • They also listened to a Rap. Watch it with them and discuss::

Muslim Contributions to Civilization RAP


 For You:


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