Dinner & Drive-time Tips for March 8

Dinner & Drive-time Tips for March 8

Dear Middle School parents,

More about Buddhism!


  • Ask your youth what they put on the graffiti board last week and what they are planning to put on the graffiti board this week. This is a great way to help them prepare in a more thoughtful way and it allows you to connect with how their understanding of Buddhism is evolving.


  • During our worship this week, we will talk about how Buddhism speaks to our church monthly theme: wisdom. In our worship, we explored a Buddhist wisdom story called Two Monks and a Woman and asked the youth to focus on what they themselves might be carrying to their own detriment.  Ask them how it went and talk with them about your own struggles and successes with letting go of past issues so you can move freely and fully into the present. Here’s the story:  https://www.kindspring.org/story/view.php?sid=63753
  • We also learned about the Buddhist concept of the beginner’s mind by engaging a great story about a teapot and a know-it-all professor. Ask your youth to tell you the story and the games we played to engage the story’s theme.

For You:

Sign up for the field trip here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e44abac2aa3f49-world2


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