How the world appears, shimmers & shifts

How the world appears, shimmers & shifts

Deep Listening Meditation, February 6, 2018

“We are always connected – to past, to future, to others, to objects, to air, earth, sky. Every thought, every emotion, every action, every moment of time has multiple causes and reverberations – tendrils of culture, history, hurt and joy that stretch out mysteriously and endlessly. As with us, so with everything; all things influence one another. This is how the world appears, shimmers and shifts, moment by moment.”

Gathering music: Echolocations:River by Andrew Bird (on Spotify)

Read a passage about Shiva, the Hindu God of change both in the form of death and destruction and in the positive sense of destroying the ego, including the shedding of old habits and attachments.

Guided meditation by Estelle Godsman: Finding One’s Roots

Sit in silence, for up to 30 min. Read quote before and after silence.

More information about Deep Listening Meditation group may be found here,  including a link to Insight Timer app.


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