Heart and hand are one

Heart and hand are one

Heart and hand are one, February 20, 2018

“Heart and hand, symbols of so many opposites that are inextricably united: spirit and body, being and doing, center and extremity. All these dualities in which we live our daily lives come together in this moment that is outside of time. Hear moving the hand, spirity and body reunited and whole. A returning to original unity.”
Excerpt “One Breath” by Paul H. Compton

Gathering music: Partita for 8 Voices by Caroline Shaw (on Spotify)

Guided meditation “Gateway to the Heart” by Christine Gilmour on Insight Timer app.

Sit in silence, for up to 30 min. Read quote before and after silence.

More information about Deep Listening Meditation group may be found here,  including a link to Insight Timer app.


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