Do you have a housing story to share?

Do you have a housing story to share?

Rev. Paige Getty, Dana Sohr, and Colette Gelwicks are planning a worship service for Sunday, March 5, that will explore our relationship with the community in which we reside—both as individuals and as a religious institution. We’ll reflect especially on the current housing situation (and what we know about who can and cannot afford to reside in Howard County), on the proposed Howard County General Plan (aka HoCo by Design), and on how we can make a difference in the livability of this community.

As part of the service, we’d like to highlight personal stories that illuminate the challenges faced in housing—especially by young adults, older adults, people with disabilities, and essential workers with low to moderate income. Do you have a story that you’d be willing to share (or have shared by one of us) in the service? If so, please be in touch with Rev. Paige Getty (


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