Ends-Means Brainstorm

Ends-Means Brainstorm

What do UUCC’s ENDS mean to you? How does UUCC further these Ends? How COULD we further these Ends?

See what the UUCC Community brainstormed in early 2024. You can still participate by using the brief form at the bottom of this page.

End 1 – Grow in spiritual depth, connect to awe and wonder, and nurture one another in the art of being human.
Brainstorming idea

Meet more people and have a positive spirit

Use the power of art, including music, choir, painting, gardening

We help our children see the wonder of the natural world

Practice more empathy to each other

Book study, discussion groups

Facilitate/lead groups - RE, choir, else?

UUCC Auction events

Walkthrough the OBIC meditation labyrinth

Michael Adcock has been spinning out miracles on our keyboards for 35 years!

Dao Forum

Talk to people with curiosity. Opening ourselves to new thinking.

We grow by sharing in discussion f/u (?) meaningfulness of sermons or other expressions in service.

Tell our spiritual growth stories.

Reflection Groups

Dao Forum

I connect with awe and wonder when I am with the children in RE classes.

Art of Being Human -- Being in choir, and then anti-racism work, have together taught me not to fear being imperfect, but instead, to celebrate it and teach others to be comfortable with it, even when speaking at the pulpit.

Brainstorming idea
End 2 – Deepen our Unitarian Universalist identity, teach it to our children, and share it with the world.
Brainstorming idea

Reflection groups

Various opportunities to participate in music/choir

Time for All Ages is wonderful!

To support our Music Ministry - Michael Adcock & the Choir to enhance our worship services.

Dao forum .... Learn about a different religion looks at life .... and compare. Could expand by having more people share their own religion.
Strengthen our own beliefs when speaking about them in worship service or smaller groups.

Quest class members work on building individual credo statements.

Developed an "elevator speech" about my identity as a UU to share with my friends.

Spending "one hour in RE" talking to the children about one of my passions.

Wide-ranging topics in worship have made me value my UU identity.

Brainstorming idea
End 3 – Strengthen relationships and cultivate an ever-wider, multigenerational circle of participation and leadership at UUCC.
Brainstorming idea

The Fun Feasts and Reflection Groups both went a LONG way toward helping us make real, lasting friendships and integrate into the UUCC community. We are still friends with many of the people we met through two cycles of each group. A book club would have a similar effect, I suspect, since the chance to share perspectives and laughter are so important for strengthening relationships.

Would like a better way to connect with subcommunities at UUCC. The Yahoo group served this purpose and is passionately missed.

Encourage people to wear their nametags

Quest class and kids / older members find ways to do things together. Build something, cook something to eat together ... or give away ... write a song ...

Multigenerational membership in all groups

A book club?

Join the church within the church. Join the choir!

Children included in worship

Reflection groups

Join the choir!

Continue to include and encourage people who are "other abled" people to participate in activities. Each person has something to contribute to the whole.

How kind everyone is

Karuna thank you!

Seeing more newer and/or younger worship leaders.

Is there a way to bring back the Fun Feasts?

Keep building more connection within congregation.

Brainstorming idea
End 4 – Build a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community where BIPOC*, LGBTQ+**, and other marginalized communities find respite from racism and other oppressions.
Brainstorming idea

When you learn what a person has been through and their current situation, their words and behavior will always make sense. This is the true basis of empathy and compassion. Don't assume that you know what motivates another person, particularly if the person belongs to a group whose lives are marginalized. It takes a spirit of curiosity and a lot of effort to learn.

Respect each other's culture

Participate in the monthly Black Lives Matter vigil

Just do it. Welcome them as part of our congregation.

Talk to strangers

The Board read "Mistakes and Miracles" to learn more about the paths toward building Beloved Community at UU congregations.

Participation in Beloved Conversations


Hosting services that center the voices of marginalized communities We do this & I hope we continue.

We offer leadership opportunities for our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth.

CB Beal's radical welcoming sermon & workshop help us learn to be more truly welcoming to those whose experiences and perspective may differ from ours.

Seeing a more diverse congregation. How can we be more welcoming?

We welcome who come. They don't need to come here. But we express our support.

Lovely Services, music, messages

Brainstorming idea
End 5 – Care for one another in times of joy, sorrow, transition, and need.
Brainstorming idea

Celebrate holidays together

Have potlucks with them

Make phone calls or send letters after heavy joys and concerns

Celebrations of Life

Work on things on or around the building together


Have a specific person or email address members/friends can contact when they notice someone who used to come regularly has not shown up for awhile. Then someone from the Membership Committee or Karuna would reach out to them to see if something is wrong (they lost their transportation, they are sick or injured, etc.), or if they just lost interest.

Stones of joy and sorrow

Our wonderful Karuna ministry

Amazing life celebration memorials

Members help each other through personal contact. It is rampant in this congregation.

Ed Gaddy's AMAZING driving service

Karuna outreach for one time help & support

Brainstorming idea
End 6 -Foster engagement and strengthen relationships within the Owen Brown Interfaith Center, Owen Brown community, and Howard County community.
Brainstorming idea

Interfaith multi-choir gatherings/performances

We face an existential threat at UUCC--relying on a single revenue source: our aging congregation that is retiring, so our most generous members will be (or are) facing the need to cut back on their pledges, while young families with child care and school expenses are limited, as well. Diversifying our revenue is critical! We need to bring in money from OUTSIDE the congregation, and we can do this in a way that also strengthens our connections with the Owen Brown community. If we started a thrift store or a thrift store/craft mall, we could use both the talents and treasure of our members and others. Each year, some downsize and need to clear out lovely things others could benefit from. What doesn't sell could be donated to help formerly unhoused people settle into new housing. Beyond volunteers we could call on, jobs could be created to help lift people out of poverty. We might also consider developing our own RE/OWL/ETC curricula and selling them to other UU congregations--having unique products can help keep a non-profit going...

Support PATH

Warm Welcome Shelter

Monthly meals

Have a multi-congregation Spring Fling - sorta like the Animal Fair

Participation in PATH, People Acting Together in Howard. We could do much more of this!

Community Halloween Party in the parking lot, open to all

Serve on the OBIC Board

Cradlerock Children's Center founded by members of our community.

Joint UUCC/CUMC child care on Sundays

Little Free Pantry

Monthly donation to Cradlerock Kindness Pantry at elementary school.

Filling Little Free Pantry & Produce Bin for those in our community in need.

Community gatherings like the Annual Halloween Festival and now-inactive Animal Fair, open to the public, seem to be a good way to draw in the community.

Brainstorming idea
End 7 – Engage in intersectional justice work*** as a faith practice led by and in relationship with people and organizations who are most affected.
Brainstorming idea

UUCC could do more to promote "justice work as a faith practice led by and in relationship with people and organizations who are most affected" by supporting the work of PATH and its sister organizations , AIM (Montgomery County) and ACT (Anne Arundel County). These organization include the populations that are experiencing injustice. In UUCC we need to raise awareness of PATH's mission and actions, and the importance of working together with those affected by injustice so more people get involved. Standing beside those experiencing injustice is faith in action.

More involvement in immigration justice issues

Volunteer more

Collecting reparations whenever we sing Negro Spirituals (+ studying their original meanings & significance)

Climate Action Team

Have more workshops, trainings & spread information & knowledge about microaggressions.

Participation in "Beloved Conversations."

Food insecurity Team - Produce Box & Little Free Pantry

Let us talk to each other about our experiences (DEI) in the family, and congregation.

Grow UUCC Endowment Fund so we can do more in 7(c).

Participation in Warm Welcome Shelter

Dismantling racism in ourselves - UUCC has fostered learning experiences for white folk like me, to help us see how racism operates in us and how to take action to prevent perpetuating harm and to repair it.

Brainstorming idea

* BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.
** LGBTQ+ = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning + other sexualities and non-binary gender.
*** Explicit areas named in End 7:

  • Dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves, our institutions, and the broader community.
  • Reverse and reduce environmental injustice and damage caused by climate change.
  • Reduce the effects of poverty, including food insecurity and housing insecurity.

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