You’re Invited: Ends & Means Brainstorm

You’re Invited: Ends & Means Brainstorm

Join us on Sunday, February 18 and 25, during Social Hour, in the lobby outside Sanctuary C for an Ends & Means Brainstorm.

Lend your creative mind to a group exploration of what UUCC’s Ends really mean, and how they are expressed in our congregation. Think about each End, imagine what it could mean, what we do to further it*, and what else we could be doing. We’ll write each of our ideas on sticky notes and attach them to large sheets, each representing an End. We hope to generate lots of ideas, covering each sheet with a rainbow of your thoughts that represents the End in action. We’ll publish the results online.

If you won’t be able to make it to these activities, we also have an online way to participate. Go to to participate. Instructions are there, along with ideas folks have already contributed.

We hope that this activity will prepare all of us to respond to the Ends-Monitoring Survey, February 26 through March 21. We also hope it will empower each of us to better understand how UUCC works, to more fully and joyfully engage with the congregation, and to go forward dynamically and creatively into our upcoming ministerial transition.


* For example, for End 5, “Care for one another in times of joy, sorrow, transition, and need,” someone might name the Karuna ministry or Ed Gaddy’s driving service.


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