Energy Management for Empaths

Energy Management for Empaths

Attend a meditation group for empaths with Lauren Reagle and earn UUCC a donation!

Wednesday, September 11th
7:00-9:00 pm
Willow and Oak Wellness Center
Register at

When at the workshop, mention to Lauren that you are there from UUCC and she will donate a portion of your registration fee to our congregation!

An empath is someone not only FEELS for others, they ABSORB the emotions and energy of others. While this trait is beautiful, it can often lead those who have it towards feeling drained, overwhelmed, and anxious. Teachers, counselors, social workers, yogis, massage therapists, emergency response professionals, and parents are often empathic, however we can be found in any profession! In this workshop, you will leave with practical tools that will help you establish firm energetic boundaries,and manage difficult people and situations. There will time for defining how being empathic manifests in your life, learning techniques to prevent sensory overload, and meditation. About the Instructor: Lauren Reagle, M.Ed., is a Reiki Master Practitioner, empath, teacher, and mother of two little boys. As a high level empath herself, she’s learned how to control and leverage this trait to service others as an energy healer.


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