engaging, creating, celebrating.

engaging, creating, celebrating.

Many of you know I got my bachelor’s in theatre. What most of you may not know is that I originally double majored in art and theatre. A series of events, including moving here to Maryland, caused me to drop the double major and pick between art and theatre.

Two dimensional art was not my forte; I preferred 3D art. I made this amazing found-items sculpture of a peacock. I used headphones for the eyes and clothes hangers for the body and those bendy frame pieces that make up an umbrella as the feathers and then attached it to a large chunk of wood. It wobbled and never stood stable. I called it the Party Peacock. Between the wobble, the headphones as wonky eyes, and sad droopy feathers, it looked like a peacock who had one too many crazy nights out at college parties. Unfortunately, the peacock didn’t survive the move to Maryland well and we trashed it.

Recently, I have been working on becoming more engaged with the world around me. I found myself going back to a mental state I had in college (when my mind was constantly creatively challenged): I would begin forming art pieces in my head as a way of self-reflection. This is a piece I began thinking about as I drove home from a rewarding weekend getaway with very dear cousins I have not seen in a long time. Thinking through images and art is another way I can reflect on my feelings. “Why did I see these three pieces in succession like this? Oh! Because I feel like I have begun to open my mind to engaging the world around me.” Is just one example of a revelation I had as I was picturing this new art project.

Feel free to comment below about other things you may notice in the piece.

engaging, creating, celebrating.


  1. Stuart J TenHoor

    Love the art Hannah. Taking a break, thinking of art, paying attention to your dreams…all good ways to spark creativity. Wish I could see the peacock! Do you have any (admittedly not 3D) photos?

  2. Gail Thompson

    I love all three. I can see them in succession as your angel reaching behind to bring those untamed wings forward and outward. She will fly! Hannah, you already fly all around us. It is lovely. Thank you for sharing your imagination.

  3. Carol Zika

    Beautiful triptych. When I was teaching full-time, I lacked the creative energy to do my own work. I justified it by saying that I painted mentally, through my students, and that was good enough. I was fooling myself. There’s nothing like the feel of a brush in my hand, or a pencil, or a pen…

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