Episode 1: Inge Hyder, Skydiver

Episode 1: Inge Hyder, Skydiver

The one-and-only Inge Hyder regales us with tales from her skydiving experiences through the years, including her 90th birthday skydive celebration in October this year. Inge closes this conversation by singing a song celebrating the life and character of her mother that Inge wrote on an Elderhostel trip. A longtime Gilbert & Sullivan fan and performer, it is only fitting that Inge’s tribute song be set to a Gilbert & Sullivan tune. 

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  1. Carol Zika

    Well, that was awesome! Inge, you are a fine storyteller! The message in your patter song is something to be reminded of, especially this year. All good blessings for a brighter 2021.

    Your new podcast is reviving a past tradition, where Dick Rodes (dad to Vernon) would visit members in their home, chat awhile about their family history and current life, then would write a column spotlighting that family to be published in the mailed paper version of The Link. It was a popular feature. Thanks for bringing it back.

    • Sara Davidson

      Carol! Thank you for sharing that history with us 🙂 It’s a timelessly good idea to highlight and share our stories. Happy almost new year!

  2. Ashley Brizzo

    Loved listening- reminds me of my dive w my own sister. Thanks for doing the podcast. I look forward to the next onem

    • Sara Davidson

      We hope you enjoy them! Thank you for listening and wow, looks like we have a few skydivers in the congregation. That’s inspiring to me… Happy almost new year, Ashley.

  3. Anne Gould

    Inge, you and your sister were the inspiration for my sister and me. We skydived on Oahu, Hawaii. I thought of you as I approached the exit of the airplane, saying to myself, “if Inge did it, so can I.” Thanks. It was a marvelous experience.

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