Episode 30: Alex Cauthen-Zach is an envoy for Paganism

Episode 30: Alex Cauthen-Zach is an envoy for Paganism

In today’s episode, we hear from Alex Cauthen-Zach, UUCC member and a coordinator with Turning Circle, an eclectic Pagan community within the UUCC congregation. Two Sundays ago, Alex and other leaders from Turning Circle led UUCC’s Sunday morning worship service, sharing reflections and rituals for Samhain. For Alex, the service was a chance to connect Turning Circle to the larger UUCC community, and to introduce UUCC congregants to what Turning Circle is all about.

“People flip out when I tell them I am Pagan,” Alex says. That’s why she sees herself as an envoy for Paganism in the world, challenging preconceived notions, stereotypes, and assumptions about what it means to be Pagan. According to Alex, the neopaganism of Turning Circle draws from ancient roots, but it’s a modern religion that is about peace, the earth, and making things better for all of us. Today, she and Sara chat about Alex’s favorite season, the challenges of walking a pagan path, and why she identifies as both Pagan and Unitarian Universalist.



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