Episode 32: Ken Rock wants YOU to UU the Vote!

Episode 32: Ken Rock wants YOU to UU the Vote!

Sit down with UUCC Member Ken Rock as he shares how he turns his frustration into action through UU the Vote — a nonpartisan civic engagement initiative focused on strengthening democracy and organizing for justice, accountability, and healing. UU the Vote brings together Unitarian Universalists from across the country to take action in their local communities.  

 Getting out the vote is a generational initiative: the work never ends, as Ken describes it, and he hopes to foster UUCC the Vote so that it can sustain itself even during the “off-season.” “There are elections [somewhere] every year,” Ken reminds us. “If the rest of us aren’t paying attention, somebody else is and they’re going to use [these] institutions to their advantage.”

So hit play on this episode to find out how you can support UUCC the Vote right now, even without joining a team or leaving your house. And as a bonus, you’ll also hear how Ken takes that same passion for action by braving the frigid winter waters of the Chesapeake Bay as a participant in the annual Sandy Point State Park Polar Bear Plunge! 

If you would like to get involved, contact Ken at krockster@yahoo.com.

Ken Rock at Polar Bear Plunge MD

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