Episode 4: Laurie Coltri, Consonance Curator

Episode 4: Laurie Coltri, Consonance Curator

“In this wonderful endeavor, nobody is perfect, and everybody is grateful,” says UUCC member Laurie Coltri of singing in the Chalice Choir. Laurie tells Sara of the joys and insights she receives from being part of something bigger than herself as a choir member, the process of producing Stay-at-Home Choir videos, why she chose to join UUCC’s Trust and Reconciliation Committee, and what the listening sessions hosted by the committee are all about. 

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  1. Inge Hyder

    This was great ! As if I didn’t already have so much respect for Laurie and all she knows about computers and all that she and Alan do for the UUCC choir. Her explanation of how she puts all the Choir music together now is exhausting just to read about. I used to tell Laurie even before the Covid epidemic that she shouldn’t work so hard; I am more than ever in awe of her after reading about all she and Alan do now! She’s also written a serious book on conflict resolution!

    Thanks, Sara and Laurie and Congratulations on a great Job!

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