Advance Directives and MOLST

Advance Directives and MOLST

If you want detailed information on the MOLST (Medical Order for Life Sustaining Treatment -executed by a medical doctor) form and/or information about advance directives, this is the session for you!  Paul Ballard, Assistant Attorney General, Counsel for Health Decisions Policy and the Office of Health Care Quality, will present slides, answer questions, and engage in discussion with us.  This is a more in-depth follow-up to information provided in the Facing Death with Life class, and information shared during Seasoned Souls meetings.  Thanks to Laverne Ball for coordinating with the speaker. Pre-registration is required.

We anticipate inviting Paul Ballard back for one or more workshops to go through each question of the MOLST with up to 12 individuals.  Keep an eye out for this future opportunity, which will be based on the level of demand.


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