Auction Event: A Delicious and Entertaining Afternoon

Auction Event: A Delicious and Entertaining Afternoon

This event is open only to those who purchased a ticket at UUCC’s Annual Auction on November 12th.

Enjoy a fun afternoon with the Henigs in the heart of downtown Bethesda! We’ll start at
noon with a fabulous lunch of modern Szechuan cuisine at ‘Q by Peter Chang’, the
renowned chef’s flagship restaurant. Then it’s a two-minute walk to the Round House
Theatre for a 2pm matinee of the witty dark comedy ‘Jennifer, Who Is Leaving’— “Nan is
working the night shift, fielding periodic calls from her retired husband with questions
about reheating dinner and where his car keys are. Jennifer is trying to tune out Joey, her
elderly patient who is relishing getting on her last nerve. And Lili is stressing out about her
upcoming SATs. Set in a Dunkin Donuts on the side of a Massachusetts highway, ‘Jennifer,
Who Is Leaving’ is a familiar and hilarious exploration of the expectations placed on
women; the physical, mental, and emotional labor of being a caregiver; and what happens
when we reach our breaking point.” Part of the National Capital New Play Festival
Transportation from OBIC provided. This event will be held on 04/30/2023 in the


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