Auction event: Baking Biscotti with Alan

Auction event: Baking Biscotti with Alan

This event is open only to those who purchased a ticket at UUCC’s Annual Auction on November 12th.

Learn to make one of the world’s most delicious cookies. This is a recipe the host has been making for many years in advance of the winter holidays. There are many possible biscotti flavor combinations. For this session the ingredients for the hazelnut-Frangelico classic will be provided. The host will demonstrate each step in the process via Zoom, and you will follow along with your own ingredients.

You will need:

  • a mixer (to cream/blend sugar, butter and eggs;
  • a very sharp long knife (preferably a serrated bread knife);
  • a cookie sheet; a lemon zester;
  • an oven;
  • 2 eggs;
  • and a sick of unsalted butter (at room temperature).
  • This is a live Zoom event – so you should have Zoom available in your kitchen.

The host will deliver (within Howard County) a package of ingredients, including:

  • Frangelico liqueur; chopped,
  • roasted Hazelnuts;
  • Zante currants; sugar;
  • flour premixed with baking powder and salt;
  • and, an organic lemon.

We will use good kitchen hygiene practices (gloves and masks) in packing these ingredients. If you elect to obtain all ingredients yourself, a list will be provided.

The recipe will fill a cookie sheet, making 2-3 dozen biscotti. Biscotti are a ‘twice baked’ cookie. While we wait for the first bake to complete (about 30 minutes), we will talk about the recipe and some of the variations which have been most popular – including an awesome (and surprising) anise flavored version. Biscotti take time to make but the individual steps are easy – there is no need for master-chef skills to have great fun with this classic. Once you learn the basic method you can invent dozens of varieties by varying the liqueur, nut, zest, and fruit (think curacao, macadamia, and cranberry; or lemoncello, basil, walnut and cherry). And while I don’t personally do it – they are renowned as ‘dunking’ cookies with coffee or wine. This event will be held on 01/14/2023 in the afternoon.


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