Auction event: Murder Mystery – Shakespeare Edition

Auction event: Murder Mystery – Shakespeare Edition

This event is open only to those who purchased a ticket at UUCC’s Annual Auction on November 12th.

All the world’s a stage! What happens when characters from different Shakespeare plays get together for a dinner party? Murder, of course! “Out, out red spot!” Everyone is a suspect with a shady background and we must solve the mystery to figure out who done it. Knowledge of Shakespeare is not necessary to join in on the fun! Everything you will need to know will be given to you. So come dressed in your best Renaissance Costume, worst Shakespearean accent, and get ready for a night of Drama! Comedy! and Tragedy! Oh my! This party includes appetizers, dinner, dessert, hard and soft drinks all Renaissance/Shakespeare themed, please let us know of dietary restrictions and we will work to accommodate them! This event will be held on 04/23/2023 in the evening.


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