Auction event: UUCC Texas Hold ’em Championship Tournament

Auction event: UUCC Texas Hold ’em Championship Tournament

This event is open only to those who purchased a ticket at UUCC’s Annual Auction on November 12th.

It’s poker time! Join house dealers Graham and Doug and Losers Lounge hostess Katie for a very un-Vegas evening of bluffing and showdowns. Chili and other substantial snackage and libations precede a quick tutorial for any novices (first-timers have often placed in or even won this event in past years, btw). Then we shuffle up and deal! Your winning auction bid is your tourney buy-in. Top three places win fungible portraiture. If you get knocked out early, not to worry. There’s plenty to eat and drink and lots of NCAA tournament basketball on the tube. This event will be held on 03/18/2023 in the evening.


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