Auction 2022

Auction 2022

Thank you for a successful 2022 Auction!

Missed the auction? Changed your mind and decided you do want that unique painting you saw?

You’re in luck, there are items and events left over from the Auction! The items/events are now purchasable on a first-come-first-serve basis at a buy-it-now price.

Items are available until December 4th; events will be available up until 2 weeks before the event.

There is a live google sheet that has each available item/event listed here. View the list and then contact the auction team at requesting the item/event. They will respond and confirm each request as they are processed. The auction team will try to keep the google sheet as updated as possible, but please have some patience as it cannot be kept up in exact real-time with each request.

by Lee Gelwicks

Join the team!

The auction is put on by members of the congregation just like you. And we can’t do it without your support. Please consider joining the Auction Team as we begin planning for the 44th Annual UUCC Auction. Reach out to the Auction Team at for more information.


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