Climate Action Webinar 2 of 6, Regenerating our soil

Climate Action Webinar 2 of 6, Regenerating our soil

2024 Climate & Biodiversity Action Webinars

Dr. Sara Via, professor & climate extension specialist at the University of Maryland, will deliver a new series of webinars this summer. Her topics will be the role of soil regeneration in fighting climate change. She will give us six webinars between late May and late September.  UUCC is one of the sponsors of her talks.


Overview of entire series
May 29, 2024 Regeneration: Why & how plus finding the strength to make it happen
June 19, 2024 Regenerating our soil
July 17, 2024 Regenerating home and municipal landscapes
August  7, 2024 Regenerative agriculture and other fixes to the food system
August 28, 2024 Rewilding: Regenerating communities and ecosystems
September 18, 2024 Progress in the energy transition and our liberation from fossil fuel use


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