Climate Team Annual Meeting & Call to Action

Climate Team Annual Meeting & Call to Action

With all the hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and legislation, the climate crisis is in the news almost daily. The Climate Team’s Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, November 7, at 4pm (Eastern) via Zoom. After a quick review of 2021’s activities, our main focus will be planning for 2022. What are the most important and effective ways we members of UUCC can help with the climate crisis? This is a participatory meeting, and we believe we’ll have something for everyone. If you have any ideas, expertise or questions, please contact us and we hope you’ll join us on November 7th!

You can help us set direction for 2022 and decide how you want to make a difference for our planet. If you have questions or want to provide input prior to the meeting, please email

Actions Proposed For 2022

  • Environmental Justice
  • Women & Girls
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Plant-Rich Diet
  • Regenerative Landscaping
  • Plastics & Recycling
  • Green Sanctuary
  • Consumerism
  • Renewable Energy
  • Advocacy & Legislation

This year, we are also seeking people with specific areas of expertise that are pertinent to climate change.  Let us know if you would be willing to provide expertise/advice to one of our action teams.

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