Courageous Conversations about Race, Ethnicity & Bias
  • Owen Brown Interfaith Center
    7246 Cradlerock Way
    Columbia, MD 21045

  • UUCC Commons Area – OBIC lower level

Courageous Conversations about Race, Ethnicity & Bias

UUCC is one of six faith communities participating in a Courageous Conversations initiative, practicing how to have honest and difficult conversations about experiences of race, racism, and bias.

(EDITED: Conversation circles are now closed to new registrants, but please stay tuned for information about the culminating community event to be held Monday evening, June 4, at St John Baptist Church. Members of our community are invited to attend conversation circles at any one of six locations — you do not have to attend at your own congregation’s site, and you’re invited to participate even if you’re not a member of any congregation! To register for a conversation circle, get your free ticket here.)


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