Enneagram Discussion Series

Enneagram Discussion Series

Join staff member Sara Davidson for a six-week, drop-in discussion series on the Enneagram, a typology system that describes human personality as nine interconnected personality types. Whether you’re new to working with the Enneagram system or not, you are welcome to join us as we learn more about ourselves and others in an effort to better understand and work with the beauty of our human diversity.

Drop-in, no registration required.

When and where

Sundays, Nov 5 — Dec 17 (no class Nov 26) | 11:30 – 12:45pm, Room 150 near the UUCC staff offices

Enneagram test

Prior to dropping into the discussion, please take this enneagram test to determine your type.


Note — It may take time to settle on which type you are, and which type resonates with your core being. You may think you could be two or three types for a while. This is a natural part of the process.


  • Sunday, Nov 5: Introductions & Enneagram first impressions
  • Sunday, Nov 12: Enneagram triads (gut, heart, head)
  • Sunday, Nov 19: Enneagram types in stress
  • Sunday, Nov 26: NO CLASS
  • Sunday, Dec 3: Enneagram types in growth
  • Sunday, Dec 10: Enneagram and our relationships, pt 1
  • Sunday, Dec 17: Enneagram and our relationships, pt 2
    • With the different kinds of relationships in your life in mind, what do you feel is a long-lasting blessing about being you / your type? A proven challenge? 
    • Being more self-aware of yourself and your type, what can you do differently?
    • Series check-out questions: which aspects of this discussion series have been meaningful to you? what would you change?

Discussion topics subject to shift based on how the discussion flows during our sessions and what areas of the Enneagram most interests participants. Suggestions for topics will be welcome — look for the suggestion sheet when you arrive or when we wrap up each Sunday.



    • Sara Davidson

      So I caught you on Sunday to chat about this… but in case others have the same question… I’m pondering offering this fully virtually in the spring depending on how much interest there is this first go-around in person this fall. Stay tuned!

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