Forum:  Climate, Forced Migration and Immigration

Forum:  Climate, Forced Migration and Immigration

This is a hybrid event (in person at OBIC Sanctuary C and via Zoom —

In this Forum, we will explore some of the inter-relationships between Climate Change, forced migrations, and US immigration policies.    Our panelists will be author Todd Miller and UUCC member Dr. Krista Rand.   

Todd Miller has researched, worked on and written about border issues for 15 years.   He is the author of Storming the Wall, Border Patrol Nation and Build Bridges, Not Walls.  His writings have appeared in The New York Times, Mother Jones and The Nation.

Dr. Krista Rand is a disaster resilience engineer whose research interests include socially vulnerable populations in crisis.   Most recently, Dr. Rand built new methodologies and models to help estimate the duration of involuntary displacement post-disaster as a function of infrastructure destruction, and continues to apply novel and complementary remote sensing and geospatial skills to various problems related to involuntary displacement, migration, and civil unrest. 


  1. Leslie P Salgado

    Thank you for organizing this important event. Is this open to the public? If so, may we publicize it?

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