Freedom to Vote Relay & Rally

Freedom to Vote Relay & Rally

Join other UUs for theFreedom to Vote Relay & Rally: October 20-23

The UUA has endorsed the Freedom to Vote Relay & Rally October 20-23, which starts in West Virginia on Thursday and finishes with a Rally in downtown DC on Saturday. As you know, there are multiple legislative pushes to promote real democracy, including the Freedom to Vote and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Acts, & DC Statehood – and they are facing uphill challenges in their passage. We currently have a handful of UUs who are participating in part of the relay and rally, and are hoping to grow that team! Rather than raising money, the goal is to gather commitments to take action for voting rights.

Here are some of the ways UUs can show up:

  1. Participating in one of the “legs” of the relay on Thursday or Friday (some are biked, some are walking/running friendly). Ann Maxwell from All Souls Reeb Project for Voting Rights is biking the whole distance, and Rev. Rob Keithan from All Souls is biking the Friday portion. They’d love to have company!
  2. Attending the Baton Hand-Off at Point of Rocks on Thursday, October 21 @ 3:30pm
  3. Attending the “End of Friday Relay” at Ben’s Chili Bowl on Friday, October 22 @ 5pm
  4. Showing up for the DC Rally on Saturday, October 23 at 11:30am.
  5. Volunteering to support relay bikers/runners by driving alongside them during parts of the relay in MD & DC and/or at staffing snack/water stations along the route

If you are at all interested and able to participate in any part of this critical democracy effort in your area, your presence will be celebrated! You can sign up to support any/all parts of the Freedom to Vote Relay & Relay here. If you would like to be connected to other UUs participating in the relay or attending the rally, please answer the question “Where did you hear about this event? (organization you heard about it from if applicable)” with “Unitarian Universalist Association” or “Unitarian Universalists.”


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