Community Event — Green Burial: What We Need to Know

Community Event — Green Burial: What We Need to Know

Note: Green Burial Association of MD (GBAM) is a project of UUCC’s Climate Crisis Team, and UUCC held a forum years ago that interested many folks at UUCC. Join UUCC member Robin Hessey (who is on the GBAM Board) and others for this community event.

Green Burial: What We Need to Know

When: Sunday, February 5, from 2 to 4pm
Where: on Zoom

We’ve been trying to make conscious, environmentally sustainable decisions our whole lives and many of us would like to continue this even as we die. Green or natural burial is about dust to dust, returning the body to the earth in the most ecologically sound way. Our speaker, Lee Webster (pictured right), a nationally recognized leader in the end-of-life sphere, is well versed in the wisdom of green or natural burial and can illuminate for us how this compares to other options that appear to be green.

More information + link to register can be found here —


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