Group Relations Workshop

Group Relations Workshop

We can’t wait to see you at UUCC’s Group Relations Workshop!

This Group Relations Workshop is a 2 half-day virtual event for all congregants and friends of UUCC. Join the UUCC community and our professional facilitators in an appreciative inquiry process focused on building & strengthening relationships and trust within the congregation, and exploring how we move forward together as a community of faith after 2 years of pandemic separation.


WHOAll UUCC congregants and friends, regardless of membership status or how long you’ve been part of the community
WHATA two-half-day, professionally-facilitated group relations workshop for relationship- and community-building
WHENSaturday, May 21 from 9AM-1PM and Sunday, May 22 from 11:30AM-4:30PM
You must attend on Saturday in order to attend on Sunday
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WHEREZoom at


After a rigorous vetting process, the Group Relations Workshop Committee selected the facilitation team of Brian Bloch and Will Tansey.

Brian Bloch’s overall breadth and depth of experience is outstanding. His references ranged between excellent and effusive. He has had engagements across many types and sizes of groups including government, an International NGO, different racial and ethnic groups and various religious organizations. Brian has worked in over 35 countries as a organizational development facilitator, mediator and ombuds. Recently, as the ombuds in the Bureau of Indian Affairs ( U.S. Department of the Interior), he has supported the President’s executive order: “On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government”. You can learn more about Brian here.

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