Living Intentionally Class

Living Intentionally Class

How much is enough? Studies show that many buying behaviors detract from happiness. Meaning and contentment flow from relationships, spirituality, experiences, and helping others—not from things. How might we be more mindful in navigating our consumerist society—to make decisions which enhance our lives? Join us to reflect and re-envision! We will use a book club format (without a book!)—where everyone takes turns contributing, reflecting on the readings and videos clips “homework” for the month.

Class Schedule

“Classes” will be 75 min in length on Zoom. Homework will be 60-90 min of short readings and videos per month.

  • Sundays, November 14, December 12 & January 9 at 7pm (Eastern).


To register, or for questions, contact   Praise from Living Intentionally Pilot Class participants this summer: “Few classes have been as helpful to me as Living Intentionally in terms of connecting the dots between an environmental issue and my quality of life.  It encompassed a lot more than a “buy less stuff” message.  You will learn why possessions yield the antithesis of happiness, and you will take away simple, actionable advice on how to live more with fewer things.”  —Frank “The Living Intentionally class has changed my thoughts and behaviors dramatically; more so than any other learnings have in the last several decades. Surprisingly, I am several tens of thousands of dollars richer than I was six months ago. This was made possible by selling items that were contributing little to my life and that were overall actually lowering the quality of my life. I have also enjoyed giving away many dozens of tangibles that were hurting more than helping; and I believe these tangibles will be helpful to others. My life is simpler with a number of small irritations gone and with some new behaviors that are both exhilarating and health promoting. I think very differently about giving, purchasing, consuming, and living with material objects. I think very differently about my relationships. I still have much more intentional living to implement. I am thinking that I am really going to enjoy it.”  —Ed


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