Chalice Messengers — Make it a Jazz Night Out! 
  • 7246 Cradlerock Way
    Columbia, MD 21045

  • OBIC – Sanctuary C

Chalice Messengers — Make it a Jazz Night Out! 

Tickets are still available for the Chalice Messengers’ upcoming concert happening Saturday, April 23 in the UUCC Sanctuary.

This is the first concert in over two years for the Messengers, UUCC’s resident jazz sextet!

The program will feature a variety of jazz styles, including blues, bop, swing and Latin, and will feature guest vocalists April Lee and Doug Miller.

🕺💃 Bring your dancing shoes! Tickets are $25, and all proceeds go to support the UUCC Auction.

🥂 😷 Guests are welcome to bring food and drink, and should plan to wear masks when not eating or drinking.  Food-free tables will be available for those who prefer to be masked at all times.

Contact Tom Benjamin ( or John Shea ( if you would like tickets or more information.


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